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Service Time: Sunday Morning Prayer at 9.00 AM/Holy Qurbana at 9.45 AM

Spiritual Wedding Feast of Cana

Wedding Feast of Cana

wedding-at-canaAfter Jesus’ baptism by John and the clear revelation of the Holy Trinity, as well as His temptation by Satan, it may surprise some that Jesus engaged in family outings. It seems clear that He had begun sharing the Good News as He had disciples. But He remained close to His mother, attending a wedding feast with her alongside the disciples.

Jesus lived a fully Jewish/Aramean life, concerning Himself with the material and cultural needs to people like Him. Of course He lived without sin. But He engaged with sinners in normal, non-awkward ways.

This is a very different picture of the Jesus we iconize. Jesus is flesh and blood and willing to interact with ours. Mary feels distressed about the predicament the family finds itself in – they’ve run out of a basic staple, and their festival will be considered a failure if action is not had.

The unique thing here is that Mary turns to Jesus without a second thought. She knows Jesus can help even though Jesus is not presented as a cultivator of grapes. Jesus seems to give a very curt response at first, akin to “why are you bothering me?” – but he is sensitive to his mother’s concerns, knowing her pure heart.

Through Mary’s intercession, water becomes wine in the care of Jesus. Through Mary’s intercession, and through the intercession of all those who have pleased Him, the common elements we place before Jesus may shine, surprising some and gladdening others.

This Lenten season, let us strive to become more like our Lord and the saints we often call upon to show us His way. We can count on Jesus to take care of both big spiritual battles, and the day to day cares of earthly life.

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