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Spiritual Annunciation to St. Mary

Annunciation to St. Mary

06-annunciation-Mary-2014Luke 1:26-38

As we enter the week of Thanksgiving here in the USA, and many prepare for festivities, let us consider the most remarkable apparition to St. Mary, the Mother of God. We celebrate the Annunciation, the event that heralded the birth of our Lord.

A few points:

Life has its bumps and bruises, but God serves us peace.
St. Mary must have been absolutely shocked to hear that she was going to carry the Son of God, yet she knows:

  • To do God’s will is most fulfilling
  • She makes her thoughts known to the angel Gabriel (she speaks up)

The message to St. Mary from Gabriel was not “hail” or “greetings”. In the Syriac it is actually “Peace.” Gabriel knows that St. Mary will need God’s peace to weather every storm.

  • Even though we may worry, we too are pregnant with a mission, ministry, or idea
  • Though pregnancies may be difficult, and childbirth may even be painful, joy comes at the sight of the child, and the challenge of pregnancy is forgotten

Trust in God to transform your challenges into life affirming chances to act in His name! – Fr. Zach Varghese

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