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Service Time: Sunday Morning Prayer at 9.00 AM/Holy Qurbana at 9.45 AM


Luke 1:26-38 As we enter the week of Thanksgiving here in the USA, and many prepare for festivities, let us consider the most remarkable apparition to St. Mary, the Mother of God. We celebrate the Annunciation, the event that heralded the birth of our Lord. A few points: Life has its bumps and bruises, but God serves us peace. St. Mary must have been absolutely shocked to hear that she was going to carry the Son of God, yet she knows: To do God’s

This week’s theme shows how special and significant is the birth of John the Baptist — announced in the temple to the boy’s father, a priest. But it also has lessons for us as disciples. Zechariah certainly lives his life to follow the God he loved, but his faith falters. What can we learn from his faith that we can apply to our own? The story begins carefully placed in geography and time. Luke relates this not as a timeless

Luke 19:47-20:8 Two leaders are contrasted in the passage. The first type, the Jewish chief priests, lawyers, scribes, etc, question by what authority Jesus can do the things He does. In life, those who don’t understand our God given mission will raise questions. Can we defend the actions we take based on our faith? Do we need to prepare to do so? Do we have actions in life that are based in faith? Are we willing to persevere despite not having

This is the new-year day of the Church’s Ecclesiastical calendar. The Church is preparing to receive her Lord by consecrating herself with purity and holiness. The consecration or purification of the Church does not mean the cleaning of the parish building, rather the purification and consecration of its members, the faithful people. We all are to be cleansed ourselves to receive the Lord as we approach the Nativity. That is why the Church has set the Nativity Fast, beginning from